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The Great Courses “Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad” – Sunday morning discussion

Our Board of Lifelong Learning Sunday Morning Discussion at 8:30 am presents The Great Courses “Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad” taught by Professor Mark W. Muesse. In this course, we examine these four figures both separately and comparatively in an effort to grasp the essential features of their lives and teachings and to explore the factors that contributed to their greatness.  This course includes 36 lectures, but feel free to stop in to view the ones that interest you the most.  Come join the Sunday morning community of lifelong learners!

August 20 – Becoming a Sage

August 27 – A Gentleman and a Scholar

September 3 – Heaven and Earth

September 10 – Doing unto Others

September 17 – How to Rule a Kingdom

September 24 – What a Sage Does

October 1 – Confucius and Confucianism

October 8 – India at the Time of the Buddha

October 15 – Siddhattha Gotama

October 22 – The First and Second Great Awakening

October 29 – Knowing the World

November 05 – Can’t Get no Satisfaction

November 12 – Getting to the Farther Shore

November 19 – How the Buddha Taught

November 26 – The Buddha and Buddhism

December 03 – The Jewish and Roman Worlds of Jesus

December 10 – The Son of Mary

December 17 – The First 30 Years