Help HART Pantry and Veterans in Prescott via Church of the Palms UCC, Sun City

November needs

During the month of November, we honor our Veterans by donating what we can to the clothing box in the narthex that goes directly to the patients of the VA Hospital in Prescott.

Every month the food/toiletries for HART Pantry bin overflows with your donations! Please accept our thanks for all that you do so that we can continue to grow in our mission to help the many at-risk teens in our communities.

For toiletries bags:

cotton swabs
emery boards
travel-size toiletries

Portable nutritious snacks:

toaster pastries
trail mix
cheese and cracker packs
instant oatmeal packets

And don’t forget the HART Pantry used bike program – donate your used bicycle in any condition and HART will get them refurbished and checked out, sending along a new bike lock with each bike.