Inchworms begin new book, "Formation of the Bible" by Lee Martin McDonald

Inchworms Class has begun “Formation of the Bible”

The Inchworms Class, led by Mary Whitlock, began Formation of the Bible by Lee Martin McDonald on November 21.

Join them each Tuesday, 10 – 11:15 am.

Here is a brief description of their book, from Amazon:

Well-known for his scholarly works on the formation of the biblical canon, Lee McDonald has written a carefully researched and reasoned explanation on the history of the formation of the Bible expressly for the interested pastor and curious layman.

Combining a lifelong commitment to the Scriptures, both as a pastor and as a scholar, McDonald approaches his task with sensitivity to the importance of these sacred texts as well as with the thoughtful practice of a person steeped in the process by which these texts were brought together to form the Bible as the church knows it now. From the collection (and translations) of the Hebrew Scriptures through the collection of the New Testament Scriptures, and finally the process of settling on the final forms for these collections, McDonald leads his reader right up to the present moment.